Senior Centers

HBFAAA Senior Centers

Senior Centers

Bedford, Huntingdon, & Fulton County, PA

If you are looking for the best place to have fun, learn new things, explore travel opportunities, dine, and experience special events with other adults aged 60 and older, check out your local Senior Center! Our seniors in Huntingdon, Bedford, and Fulton County, PA are actively involved in the community, participate in dances, games, social activities, health education, exercise classes, day trips, speakers, parties, wellness programs, social events, art classes, enjoy hot lunches with friends and so much more.

Where Did Everyone Go? They’re at the Senior Center! Join Us

What type of people are at your local Senior Center? They are people just like you! Have you been wondering where everyone your age is at? This is where your peer group went when you thought they all disappeared! As we get older and leave school and the workforce and friends move away, it can become harder to find people our own age. Your local Senior Center is the place where older adults can meet up over a delicious lunch, discuss the things that interest us, make plans – and even make some new friends.

Who Do Senior Centers Serve?

Senior centers are for everyone (yes, EVERYONE) 60 years and older. We are not an income-based organization. Most of our members are young-at-heart folks who are interested in being active in the community. Senior Centers are conveniently located throughout all of Bedford, Huntingdon, and Fulton County, PA.

Things to Do in Bedford, Fulton & Huntingdon, PA

Our seniors really have a lot of fun here. There is always something to do. Whether you enjoy quieter activities, nature hikes, music, movies, competitive games and sports, or really like to let loose, there is something for you at your local Senior Center. If you have an idea for something and you don’t see it offered, let us know. Chances are, there are others who would love to learn about your passion, too. We always look forward to welcoming new members and hope you will stop in and join us!